Reviews for Neverending Story

The Book Report Reviews 1997 November-December
This reprint of a 1979 German fantasy (translated in 1983) finds Bastian Balthazar Bux, a lonely 10-yearold, taking refuge from school bullies in an old bookstore. Drawn to an old book titled The Neverending Story, he decides to steal it. Hiding from his tormentors in the cold school attic, Bastian is soon caught up in the magical world of Fantastica. Fantastica and its ruler, the childlike empress, are doomed unless a hero can perform an unspecified quest. Bastian himself actually becomes one of the characters in the story and must face challenges and foes before Fantastica is righted once again and he can return to the real world a changed and better person. Colorful imaginary characters, the eternal struggle between good and evil, and a search to find oneself combine to make a story readers won't want to end. Dutton editors have wisely used different color inks to help readers differentiate between reality and Fantastica. Despite its length, fantasy readers and those who have seen the movie on TV or video will enjoy this modern classic. Recommended. Carol A. Burbridge, Library Media Specialist, Jardine Middle School, Topeka, Kansas © 1997 Linworth Publishing, Inc.