Reviews for Como Dan las buenas noches los dinosaurios? / How do dinosaurs say good night?

Criticas Reviews 2002 May-June
PreS-Gr 2-What do dinosaurs do when it's time for bed? Do they scream and yell? Lash their tails? Ask for pony rides? The answer to each question in this sweet bedtime romp is a resounding "No!" Dinosaurs, it seems, want a kiss and a hug, a loving "Good night," and then it's off to sleep. Teague's big, bold, humorous illustrations make good use of the preposterous contrast between the huge, potentially frightening dinosaurs and their cozy bedrooms and calm human parents. The dinosaurs' patently human expressions of disgust and resistance at the dread news that it's bedtime will strike a familiar chord with young children. The translation retains the gentle rhyme of the English original, making this a solid read-aloud for home or library use. Good for story times or for that last tale before bed, this collaboration by Yolen and Teague is a winner.Ann Welton, Grant Center for the Expressive Arts, Tacoma, WA Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.