Reviews for Alphabet Tree

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2005 Spring
In this deceptively simple fable, the letters of the alphabet live in a tree. They learn to form words, then a caterpillar suggests they make sentences--about something important. When they form PEACE ON EARTH AND GOODWILL TOWARD ALL MEN, the caterpillar decides to take them away--"to the President." It was a timely message in 1968 and still packs a punch. Copyright 2005 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2004 July #1
Old favorites find their way back into print. Leo Leonni's The Alphabet Tree was first published in 1968, during America's involvement in Vietnam. In this simple allegory, a fierce wind keeps a tree filled with timid letters at bay. A word-bug and a caterpillar instruct them to form words that say something important (the message they form: "Peace on earth and goodwill toward all men") and then the letters head for the White House. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.