Reviews for Ancient Greece and the Olympics : A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House #16: Hour of the Olympics

Library Media Connection Reviews 2005 March
Jack and Annie, familiar to readers of the other Magic Tree House books, are now involved in research about ancient Greece, which leads them to take a closer look at the Olympic Games. They discover that while much has changed in the games, there are still similarities. The authors have chosen a quick pace for their work moving the reader along quickly covering many years of Greek history and culture with enough emphasis on the highlights to pique interest. B&w photos and drawings are included as are pronunciations for unfamiliar words. At times the text provides seemingly simplistic explanations for words, but some young readers will find these clues helpful. Information provided about Greek culture, mythology, daily life, and the Olympic games themselves is accurate and interestingly told. As with other guides in this series, lists of places to continue research, and print and non-print materials along with Internet sites are given. This would be a good suggestion for students reading the Time Warp Trio series (Puffin Books). Index. Recommended. Leslie Greaves Radloff, Library Media Specialist, Rondo Instructional Resource Center, St. Paul, Minnesota © 2005 Linworth Publishing, Inc.