Reviews for Just One Kiss

Booklist Reviews 2013 May #1
Teens Patience McGraw and Justice Garrett are best of friends, and their relationship is blossoming into something more. Then one day, Justice disappears without a trace. Years pass, and Patience is a single mom caring for her mother, who has a debilitating disease. Then Justice returns unannounced to Fool's Gold, California. He claims that he was forced to leave their small town despite his strong objections because was taken into the witness protection program after his father, a brutal criminal, threatened to kill him. Now, Justice wants to open a security training school in Fool's Gold. Once again, Patience is drawn to Justice, but she doesn't know if he's the same boy she fell for when she was a teen. For that matter, what guarantee does she have that he won't disappear again? Mallery's story is packed with emotion. Readers will identify with her carefully crafted characters. Just One Kiss is the new book in Mallery's Fool's Gold series. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.

BookPage Reviews 2013 June
Dangerous secrets

A battle for love and survival creates an exciting paranormal tale in Darkness Bred, the second book in the Chimney Rock series by Stella Cameron. Sean Black fell for delicate Elin when they were in other shapes—he a hound, she a small cat. They want to be together forever, as long as they can be sure their bonding won’t adversely affect Sean’s werehound brothers or bring the wrath of Elin’s adoptive mother, the fae Queen, upon their heads. But there are other forces to consider, they realize, when Elin is nearly killed by a vampire. Is this the Queen’s retribution? Or perhaps the repercussion of a secret that Sean has tried to keep from his love? An expedition to a sinister island and a deadly encounter with a mysterious entity only create more questions, sending Elin on a quest to discover her true origins. Danger continues to stalk the couple as they determine whom to trust. Still, their feelings for each other burn strong and make the need for triumph over their enemies only more imperative. A shivery read.

A practical Scottish duke decides it’s time to marry in Once Upon a Tower. In 1824, Gowan Stoughton, the very wealthy Duke of Kinross, travels to London in search of a wife. The instant he sees the beautiful and beautifully quiet Lady Edith Gilchrist, he’s enamored, and the next morning he visits her father to arrange a marriage. Though she was ill on the night they met and noticed little about the duke, Edith, an obedient daughter, agrees to the match. All is not happily-ever-after, however. As they become acquainted, Gowan learns that Edie is not as unassuming as he’d thought—for one, she’s an accomplished cellist who demands her practice time no matter what. The marriage bed isn’t what either of them had dreamed of, either, and Gowan’s all-work ways and his perfectionist attitude cause further complications. But they find much to admire in each other, and it’s a treat to watch the pair learn to love, listen and compromise. Eloisa James delights again with a story that’s both sophisticated and sweet, featuring layered characters who walk right off the page and into the reader’s heart.

Susan Mallery’s small town of Fool’s Gold always offers romance and fun, and her latest novel set there, Just One Kiss, provides satisfying portions of both. Single mom Patience McGraw remembers her teenage crush, Justice Garrett, with great fondness, but he’s the one who got away—having disappeared from town years ago, without notice. His return is unexpected, but so is an inheritance that allows Patience to pursue a long-held dream of opening her own coffee shop. As Patience and her daughter get to know Justice, surprising details of his life emerge, but the best news is that he’s establishing a security business in town. Though Patience is hesitant to bring a man into her life, her heart can’t resist. Justice is wary of how he might hurt the lovely Patience and adorable Lillie. When his past returns to haunt him, he thinks it’s time to let the mom and little girl go—but his strong feelings don’t make it easy. An endearing romance and intriguing new characters make Mallery’s latest a must-read.

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Kirkus Reviews 2013 May #2
Patience McGraw fell hard for best friend Justice Garrett when she was a teenager, before he disappeared overnight without saying goodbye; now he's back in Fool's Gold, perhaps to stay, and they'll have to untangle their emotions and shared attraction to decide if they might have a future. Fool's Gold, Calif. is special, and Justice has never forgotten the small town he hid out in for a short time while he was in the witness protection program. He's also never forgotten Patience, the girl he befriended, and secretly fell for, before he had to leave in the middle of the night, danger on his heels. Now, years later, he's looking at property in Fool's Gold to open an elite security academy, and he'll use the opportunity to catch up with Patience, tell her the truth about his mysterious disappearance and apologize for the abrupt way he had to leave. However, Justice doesn't expect to be bowled over by the beautiful woman she's grown into or the sweet, open personality she's maintained. Attraction flares between them almost immediately, but she's not sure she can trust him with her heart again, and he doesn't think he should let her try. His life is chaotic and dangerous, the very antithesis of halcyon Fool's Gold. Plus, his father was an abusive bully, and he's not completely convinced he's a good bet as a family man. Yet the more time he spends with Patience, the more he wants to beat the odds. Mallery re-visits popular Fool's Gold and offers yet another sweet, sexy story with alpha hero Justice and never-forgotten girl-next-door heroine Patience. A couple of missteps, including a cast of secondary characters that is at times too sprawling, don't ultimately undermine a satisfying plot. Mallery delivers another engaging romance in magical Fool's Gold. Copyright Kirkus 2013 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.