Reviews for Wolves of Willoughby Chase

Horn Book Magazine Reviews 2013 #2
It's author Aiken's daughter who reads this classic and old-fashioned adventure novel, and the result is superb. The combination of the author's masterful storytelling and the narrator's assured and intimate reading is mesmerizing. Listeners will hold their breath as they follow the up-and-down fortunes of spunky Bonnie and timid Sylvia, menaced by wolves and by the scheming and hateful governess Miss Slighcarp alike. Today's Harry Potter-weaned children will find orphans, villains, narrow escapes, and friendships aplenty here and may be glad to embark upon the whole Wolves Chronicles. As an added bonus, Lizza Aiken introduces this audiobook with a brief story about how her mother came to write the book -- a huge treat for longtime Joan Aiken fans. martha v. parravano