Reviews for Enchantress

Booklist Reviews 2012 July #1
*Starred Review* It's the end of the world--well, actually two worlds: Earth and Danu Talis. Nicholas Flamel and his beloved wife, Perenelle, are making a final stand to save San Francisco from an attack of monsters large and small, launched from Alcatraz Island by Quetzalcoatl. Twins Josh (Gold) and Sophie (Silver) are being staged to take power from Aten and become rulers of an overthrown Danu Talis 10,000 years earlier. It's a classic duel to the death, with author Scott making a valiant, and for the most part successful, attempt at tying up the myriad story lines from the other five books in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. Fantastical, mythological, and historical figures reappear across the pages as good and evil face off, often to the death and with unpredictable results. Scott's skill at creating complex story lines and detailed, imaginative worlds is on full display. He fully fleshes out his main characters in their final roles, realistically and sometimes surprisingly melding their lives, their deaths, and their futures. This is a powerful and tidy conclusion to a series that has always promised a resolution to the Codex of Abraham the Mage's prophecy: "The two that are one must become the one that is all. One to save the world, one to destroy it." Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2012 Fall
"'I have dreamt of this moment for millennia,' Isis whispered. 'The moment when the twins of legend would stand before us in the armor of the Lords of Danu Talis.'" Things come to a head for Sophie and Josh as they engage the forces of evil in a climactic battle for the world. Scott wraps up the series with characteristic verbosity, complexity, and action.

Kirkus Reviews 2012 June #2
Scott tops off his deservedly popular series with a heaping shovelful of monster attacks, heroic last stands, earthquakes and other geological events, magic-working, millennia-long schemes coming to fruition, hearts laid bare, family revelations, transformations, redemptions and happy endings (for those deserving them). Multiple plotlines--some of which, thanks to time travel, feature the same characters and even figures killed off in previous episodes--come to simultaneous heads in a whirl of short chapters. Flamel and allies (including Prometheus and Billy the Kid) defend modern San Francisco from a motley host of mythological baddies. Meanwhile, in ancient Danu Talis (aka Atlantis), Josh and Sophie are being swept into a play to bring certain Elders to power as the city's downtrodden "humani" population rises up behind Virginia Dare, the repentant John Dee and other Immortals and Elders. The cast never seems unwieldy despite its size, the pacing never lets up, and the individual set pieces are fine mixtures of sudden action, heroic badinage and cliffhanger cutoffs. As a whole, though, the tale collapses under its own weight as the San Francisco subplots turn out to be no more than an irrelevant sideshow, and climactic conflicts take place on an island that is somehow both a historical, physical place and a higher reality from which Earth and other "shadowrealms" are spun off. Much rousing sturm und drang, though what's left after the dust settles is a heap of glittering but disparate good parts rather than a cohesive whole. (Fantasy. 11-13) Copyright Kirkus 2012 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

School Library Journal Reviews 2012 September

Gr 5-8--In the final book (Delacorte, 2012) in the series, Michael Scott brings his convoluted tale of shifting times, places, and loyalties to its conclusion with some surprising twists. Gods and immortals, once aligned with the Dark Elders, are assisting Nicholas and Perenelle to prevent the monsters on Alcatraz from reaching San Francisco. Dee has successfully transported Josh and Sophie 10,000 years into the past to Danu Talis. Dee's plans for domination are thwarted by the arrival of Isis and Osiris, who declare that they are Josh and Sophie's parents. They take away Dee's immortality and whisk the twins away to the capital city where they will be expected to present themselves as the rightful rulers of Danu Talis. Dee is granted a temporary stay of execution when Marethyu (better known as Death) arrives with a deal. He will temporarily prolong Dee's life in exchange for her help in fulfilling Abraham's prophecy. Meanwhile, Scathach prepares to assist the Humani of Danu Talis with their uprising against Anubis. Scott does a credible job of keeping his vast cast of characters pertinent to the plot by dividing them into groups according to time and place and focusing on each group in alternating chapters. However, this technique appears to be a way to pad the story to flesh out the book. Paul Boehmer's over-dramatic delivery will play well with the intended audience. He does a stellar job of pronouncing the variety of difficult names, but he does not distinguish between the various European accents.--Cary Frostick, Mary Riley Styles Public Library, Falls Church, VA

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VOYA Reviews 2012 October
In the expertly crafted finale to this popular mythology series, readers find the twins of legend, Josh and Sophie Newman, on opposing sides in humanity's war for survival. As they are physically reunited at Danu Talis, ten thousand years in the past, Josh and Sophie make peace in order to confront harsh realities about their destinies. With the revelation that they had actually been raised by Isis and Osiris to become the legendary island's next rulers, the twins must decide whether to fall in line or decide their own fate. With potentially unlimited powers and the support of many immortal humani and Elders alike, it is up to Josh and Sophie to negotiate the past to save millions of future lives, including their own. With enough mythological characters wound through the storyline to make the casual reader's head spin, Scott crafts an intricate plot with twists and revelations that will leave fans well satisfied with the series conclusion. Horrific creatures and power-hungry Elders are balanced by the self-sacrificing immortals who oppose them in epic battles. Moral lines are drawn and several key characters make surprising choices when presented their true roles in shaping the future. With subplots taking place not only in different locations, but also in different times, readers will never find the action lagging, and in fact may find themselves racing to catch up to the various characters. The final pages spell not only an end to the book, but also a stunning revelation that brings things truly full circle for the entire series.--Jessica Miller 4Q 4P M J S Copyright 2011 Voya Reviews.