Reviews for True Meaning of Smekday

AudioFile Reviews 2010 July
Aliens called Boov have invaded the earth and forced all Americans to move to Florida. Instead of going by rocketpod like the others, 11-year-old Gratuity Tucci drives from Pennsylvania in her mother's car with her cat, Pig. Along the way, she picks up a renegade Boov (with the earth name J.Lo because humans can't pronounce Boov names), who adapts her car so it can float. A hilarious, heartwarming buddy adventure is born! On audio we are denied the cartoons from the book, but who cares when we have the spirited and talented Bahni Turpin? Turpin is a vocal genius. She can express any emotion, and her timing accentuates every satirical line. Most remarkable are the two completely distinct characters who constantly play off each other--the feisty, self-reliant Gratuity and the droll, lip-smacking J.Lo. A.B. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award (c) AudioFile 2010, Portland, Maine