Reviews for Across the Universe

AudioFile Reviews 2011 August
A shipload of colonists is crossing the void from Earth to Alpha Centauri. It's a 300-year trip, and 17-year-old Amy, one of the 100 frozen passengers, is awakened long before their scheduled arrival. Lauren Ambrose imbues Amy with all the passion of a headstrong, independent leader who faces down incredible challenges as she adjusts to a new world full of strange people and values. Ambrose's pacing and timing are outstanding. Carlos Santos is less exciting in his portrayal of the only other teen on the ship, the expedition's next leader. But he's a child of the controlled culture of the ship, so Santos's understated performance works. The narrative has heroine and hero alternating chapters, a story structure that works well. M.C. (c) AudioFile 2011, Portland, Maine

AudioFile Reviews 2012 February
In this debut novel, a classic theme from science fiction is combined with teen romance, and the result is emotionally riveting, if not scientifically convincing The chapters switch back and forth between the points of view of two characters, a young man and woman The two narrators, Lauren Ambrose and Carlos Santos, sound precisely as one imagines the characters to be The plot involves a generational starship in which humankind lives and copes with the problem of sub-light travel, which takes hundreds of years between each star There's mystery, history, and social commentary And teen angst all over the place What a mix! DRW (c) AudioFile 2012, Portland, Maine