Reviews for Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals : Simple Steps to Fast, Affordable, Flawless Healthcare

This book, written by the author of the QI Macros Lean Six Sigma software for Excel, addresses rapid implementation of Lean Six Sigma in the hospital setting to increase services, reduce defects, and increase profits. The main purpose is to present simple steps to help hospitals start getting faster, better, and cheaper in five days or less while achieving the goal of fast, affordable, and flawless healthcare. Healthcare has many opportunities for improvement and the use of Lean Six Sigma concepts can make a dramatic impact. This book provides the basic information to do that. It is suitable for a broad range of healthcare workers in the hospital setting interested in quickly implementing Lean Six Sigma concepts. The emphasis of the book is on just-in-time Lean Six Sigma learning and use of tools such as control charts, Pareto charts, Ishikawa diagrams, histograms, process charts, and value stream maps. Chapters focus on achieving a faster hospital, accelerated patient flow, a better hospital, a more profitable hospital, and reduced defects. There are numerous examples of hospitals that have successfully implemented improvements using the Lean Six Sigma process. One chapter is devoted to statistical tools using Excel with QI Macros. The book also addresses the various barriers to successful implementation of Lean Six Sigma, why implementation may fail, and how to successfully implement it. This book provides a straightforward approach to implementing Lean Six Sigma in a hospital setting, and it is an effective introduction to the use of Lean Six Sigma in healthcare. Most chapters are written in a way that readers can read the chapter that is of interest and be able to start an improvement process. There are many references to QI Macros and the QI Macros website. 91/100. Diana Weinel, MS(James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital) Copyright 2010 Doody Reviews.