Reviews for Night of the Soul Stealer

AudioFile Reviews 2008 June/July
In the third of the Last Apprentice series, Tom is apprenticed to the Spook, who is charged with hunting down witches and ghosts. Tom uncovers a witch's plot to plunge the land into eternal darkness. Since Tom is telling his tale, Welch reflects the apprentice's fears when facing monsters, his chagrin at his own foolish mistakes, and his triumph at overcoming evil. Welch is equally adept at conveying the wise Spook and hissing witches, often in the same breath. It seems strange that Welch gives Tom an American accent when all the other characters sound distinctly British, but the m┼Żlange adds to the otherworldly setting. This audio is a good choice to listen to on a dark and stormy night. M.M.O. (c) AudioFile 2008, Portland, Maine