Excerpts for Man Made Boy

Maybe it was the darkness or the vortexes or the magic flute player, but I just said it.

?I have a huge crush on you."

?You are so incredibly lame for saying that." The weight of her head abruptly left my chest.

?Wh-what?" My heart pounded in my chest. ?Why?"

?Because at a time like this . . ." Her face was now less than an inch from mine. ?You should just kiss me."

So I did. As soft and sweet as her voice was, as her skin was, it was nothing compared to her lips. Her hot breath escaped into mine and I thought this must be what her heart felt like. I held her gently; she was so small and delicate that I could not help but surrender my strength to her.

Then she pressed against me and breathed in my ear, ?Freedom."