Biography for But Dad! : A Survival Guide for Single Fathers of Tween and Teen Daughters

Gretchen Gross is a lecturer at University of Vermont, where she teaches courses on human relationships and sexuality. She is and a licensed clinical social worker with 25 years direct counseling, private practice, teaching and workshop and presentation experience. In her private practice she has counseled parents on issues related to divorce and parenting, communication, sexuality and child rearing. She is a contributing author on sexuality in "Glass's Office Gynecology" and was on the review panel for the journal "Women in Therapy". Each month, she contributes a column on life as a single mom called "Solo Act" to Vermont Woman. She has presented at national and international professional conferences on topics of reproductive decision making, substance abuse, physicians and stress management, and teaching health professionals to feel more comfortable talking with and assessing clients for sexual dysfunction.

Patricia Livingston is a registered nurse with more than 25 years of direct clinical practice at the University of Vermont Student Women's Health Service. She has counseled hundreds of young women who are having their first gynecological exam, engaging them in the process while easing them through an important ‘first.' She has been the clinical preceptor to medical residents and nurse practitioner students. She has been a guest lecturer in classrooms, dorms, and sororities, and a founding member of the clinical team at UVM that established clinical protocol and policy for students identified with eating disorders.