Annotations for Armel's Revenge

Baker & Taylor
Christophe, a Rwandan refugee in England, is entrusted with looking after Armel, a new boy in class, but Christophe soon discovers that Armel's hostility stems from a tragedy that occurred in the country they once called home.

A sequel to the bestselling Christophe's Story in which Christophe discovers the reasons why new boy Armel haes him so much.

Perseus Publishing
Christophe's been given the job of looking after the new boy in his class. But Armel's surly attitude makes him very difficult to be friends with. And when he realizes that there is more to Armel's hostility than meets the eye, Christophe is suddenly forced to make painful discoveries about the history of the country he once called home -- Rwanda.
Can Christophe and Armel leave the past alone? Or will the horrible events in their history bubble over into the present? A compelling and moving story about forgiveness and reconcilation. It discusses the horrifying recent history of Rwanda and the Congo, and the fall-out for immigrant children living in far from home.
Nicki Cornwell has worked as a teacher and a social worker, before becoming a full time author.
Armel's Revenge is the follow up title to Christophe's Story, which was selected for the UK government's Boys into Books programme