Annotations for Emma Emmets : Playground Matchmaker

Baker & Taylor
Surveying her classmates at the start of a new school year, Emma discovers her talents as a matchmaker and successfully pairs up a number of couples before attempting a match with a super-popular fourth-grader that results in unexpected loneliness. By the best-selling author of How My Private, Personal Journal Became a Bestseller.

Baker & Taylor
When fourth grader Emma Emmets decides to use her matchmaking skills on her classmates, her actions have unintended consequences.

Penguin Putnam
How will Emma make her mark this school year? Will she…
a) Bring love to her fellow classmates
b) Become the most popular girl in school
c) Finally meet her crush, teen singing sensation Jake LaDrake
On the first day of school, Emma Emmets surveys her classmates and sees plenty of shared interests, crushes not being acted upon, and people too afraid of cooties to know what they're missing. Emma tries her hand at uniting lonely Leah and nerdy Otto . . . and a matchmaker is born.

After successfully matching bullies, dorks, athletes, and weirdos, she's ready for her most high-profile client yet: Isla, a fourth grader so popular she hangs out with the fifth graders. But when Emma's efforts go terribly awry, she finds herself with a powerful new enemy.

Suddenly life on the playground is horribly wrong. With all her classmates blissfully paired off, Emma's left with no one! Is the matchmaker destined to be alone?