Annotations for Larry Gets Lost in Prehistoric Times : From Dinosaurs to the Stone Age

Baker & Taylor
When he falls asleep and travels through time to the prehistoric era, Larry the loveable little pup encounters large and small dinosaurs before tumbling forward into the Ice Age and Stone Age, where he meets new friends and wonders how to return to his own time.

Random House, Inc.
This is a first in a new Larry Gets Lost series that features adventures back through time. In Larry the lovable pup's latest adventure, he falls asleep at home next to Pete (who is reading a book about dinosaurs) and travels back in time, waking up in the pre-historic era! Starting with dinosaurs, where he encounters some big (the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Tricerotops), and others small (the Iberomesornis), he tumbles forward to the Ice Ages where he meets a Wooly Mammoth, and on to the cavemen of the Stone Age. But will he ever find his way back to his best friend Pete and the family again?