Annotations for Boxer Rebellion : Minnesota Not-So-Nice


Rumor has it the cute new boy, sixteen year old Nick, is gay. Which thrills senior quarterback Brent, a bully who needs a diversion to keep his friends from wondering about his own orientation, but upsets Penny whose compassionate heart aches for Nick with what she thinks is pity... or could it be love?

The bullies of Tranquility High dominate a school of sheeple where cyber bullying and physical attacks are resulting in one gut wrenching suicide after another. When the violence turns to murder Nick and Penny start up The Boxer Rebellion in a bold attempt to save other young lives, and just maybe their own.

Teenage cruelty puts a lie to Minnesota Nice in this darkly comedic coming of age novel set in suburban Minneapolis. Both viciously brutal and poignantly wistful, The Boxer Rebellion is a fearless account of teen suicide and murder, told in multiple points of view by troubling characters who give voice to those affected by the thousands of students bullied to death in America every year.

If you've ever been bullied, or stood by helplessly watching it happen, this novel is your next must read. If you were once a bully, or helped someone else to bully, this book offers redemption. If you've ever wondered if you could make a difference, The Boxer Rebellion will give you inspiration.


• People who have experienced teenage bullying first hand report being triggered by this book.
• Although The Boxer Rebellion is about teenagers, the subject matter is frankly mature and intended for adult readers. If those aged seventeen and younger wish to read this book, they should first get their parents' permission.