Annotations for Truth About Breaking Up, Making Up, & Moving On

Baker & Taylor
A latest entry in the best-selling advice series for teens offers illuminating perspectives into the dynamics of young adult breakups while providing lighthearted, Scripture-based strategies for handling heartbreak in healthy ways. Original.

Thomas Nelson

Relationships are like road trips.

Sometimes they're an exciting adventure. But sometimesthey're like a traffic jam going nowhere. Or even worse, they're a wrong turnthat's taken you hundreds of miles off your course.

With much-needed humor and honest advice, bestsellingauthor and speaker Chad Eastham helps you think through tough but necessaryrelationship issues such as:

· Why some people find happiness, while othersfind heartache

· Why pain hurts so much

· When to break up

· When to make up

Chad's conversational tone, facts, and advice encourageyoung people to rethink life's conversations, even the difficult stuff likeheartbreak. There is nothing in life that is too big, too painful, or toodifficult that God cannot make better and use to teach us about love. Nothing.

Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Breaking up is hard to do, and it affects almost every teen at some point. This third addition to Chad Eastman's bestselling series will be a great resource for teens.

Ending a relationship, or being broken up with, is a common experience for teenagers, but they don't always know how to deal with those situations in a healthy way. Using humor, Scripture, and practical advice, this book will give girls the tools they need to handle these events in their life and give them some fresh perspective as well. This is also a great resource for parents, youth leaders, school counselors, and anyone working with youth to equip them to walk with the teens who are experiencing heartache and tough decisions about relationships.

The way people handle relationships as teenagers can set a precedent for how they relate with others for the rest of their lives; this book will give teens a foundation for a lifetime of healthy relationships.