Annotations for This Monster Cannot Wait!

Baker & Taylor
Feeling impatient to start a camping trip that is five days away, irrepressible Stewart from This Monster Needs a Haircut aspires to change clocks, build a time machine and make his book move faster, while his parents counsel him about how good things come to those who wait.

Penguin Putnam
Irrepressible Stewart the monster is back, and he has big news: He's going camping in five days! But if he could just change the clocks, build a time machine, or make this book move faster, he could go camping NOW. Of course, Stewart's parents know that good things come to those who wait - and eventually Stewart will learn that, too.

In this hilarious follow-up to This Monster Needs a Haircut, Bethany Barton channels her inner preschooler and shows readers that even the most exuberant, enthusiastic, in-the-moment monsters can be persuaded to wait. Eventually.