Annotations for Clueless McGee and the Inflatable Pants

Baker & Taylor
Fifth-grader PJ "Clueless" McGee writes a series of letters to his father, a private investigator, telling of his efforts to learn who stole the science fair trophy in an attempt to clear his own name.

Penguin Putnam
What do you mean they don't give trophies for playing video games?

It's only fair, isn't it? Clueless McGee has mastered his Ninja Warz video game and he'd like a trophy. It seems like a lot of extra work to have to win the science fair to get one. . . . Yet that trophy is REALLY nice. And Clueless does have an idea for a magnetic pickle that seems like an obvious winner. So okay, he's in. Until someone steals the trophy--and then he's on the case! Clueless will have to call on his finest ninja skills --not to mention some luck and a lot of help from people more competent than he is--in order to solve the mystery. . . .
Jeff Mack continues to hit every note just right in this hilarious series that young middle-graders will be reading, rereading, and exchanging with their friends until (and even after) the next installment lands on the shelves. With comic-style art throughout, this book is perfect for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, Dork Diaries and for any kid who likes mysteries, likes to laugh, and is a video game master!