Annotations for Myths of Greece and Rome

Baker & Taylor
Classical tales of gods, goddesses, and mortals are presented together with paintings and works of sculpture demonstrating artistic interpretations of these myths throughout history

Random House, Inc.
Orpheus leading his beloved Eurydice back to life … Ulysses battling to resist the mesmerising Sirens' song … The tragedy of the vengeful Medea … The timeless stories of the gods and goddesses of Greece and Rome are charged with passion and romance, magic and murder. Each one is brought to life beautifully in this lavishly illustrated edition of Thomas Bulfinch's ‘The Age of Fable' compiled by Bryan Holme. The narrative is clear and captivating, while the illustrations demonstrate the profound effect the myths had on the great artists of the West, via paintings and sculptures by masters from Botticelli to Picasso.