Annotations for Nancy Clancy Sees the Future

Baker & Taylor
When a handful of predictions appear to come true, Nancy starts believing that she has the power to see into the future and starts a fortune-telling business at recess only to have one of her predictions disappointingly backfire. By the author of Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth. 200,000 first printing.


Nancy Clancy is back in New York Times bestselling team Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser's third Fancy Nancy: Nancy Clancy chapter book--about seeing the future! Nancy thinks she may be able to read the future . . . and all signs point to her being a true clairvoyant (that's fancy for a fortune-teller). In the perfect follow-up to Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth and Nancy Clancy, Secret Admirer, Nancy tries her hand at fortune-telling but quickly learns it's a bit more complicated than she thought. Does Nancy really have special powers, or is it all just a coincidence?

Fans of Fancy Nancy will love joining Nancy Clancy in the latest addition to the chapter book series. The central theme of all the Nancy Clancy books shines through, showing the power of positive thinking.